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This semester, Saffron Path asks TCDSB and TDSB teachers and students of fine arts, digital, musical and literary arts, to contribute photos, sculpture, digital artwork, music and poetry for display and projection along illuminated corridors of light. 
Think of Toronto as an immense gallery, where each of you as artist-citizens are fully-empowered to create an art-based city filled with the art of your dreams. What would you contribute? How would it change you, and how might it change the city? On the Saffron Path, your art can be realized and exhibited digitally and physically amidst Saffron light.
Envision your art, digitized or physical, projected onto your school, public buildings, streets and sidewalks? What would you install there? How might you contribute to the beauty of your city in your own unique way? What art is currently missing? What art can you design for Toronto and the people who call it home? 
These are the questions classrooms of students can ask each other, and the answers should form the basis of art contributed to the citywide art installation called Saffron Path. 
Along with public buildings across the city, The Toronto Waterfront, Yorkville Village, Queens Park and campuses of the University of Toronto, at least five schools will be chosen as destinations on the Saffron Path, activated with light and art during the month of May 2022. In addition to physical projections, digital clusters of artworks will be installed into virtual spaces, school by school, and in some areas of the city, augmented reality technology will allow students, teachers and the general public access each school’s contribution to virtual galleries. 
In this way, Saffron Path student artists have the chance to redraw the city of Toronto in a new image, making it a City of Illumination and artmaking, a city of 21st century dreams. 

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