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CaST Public Arts is seeking artists and designers who work in the following specialities for its Saffron Path large-scale installation, scheduled to debut in Toronto in May 2022:


1. Digital artists with experience designing futuristic images, landscapes, outer-space-related work.


2. Digital artistry and design to specification for projection mapping or other site-based installations.


3. Design and installation of three-dimensional artwork - to fill rooms, retail windows, outdoor plazas, etc. - such as the work produced by Meow Wolf.


4. Sculptors capable of designing room-size installation work to specifications.


5. Model building, and sculpting.


6. Students familiar with stage lighting and design.


7. Digital rendering, including for storyboarding.


8. Animators, particularly those familiar with CGI and VFX techniques.


9. Artists working specifically in textiles such as wool, cotton or other woven fabrics; artists whose knitwork or sculptural fabrication involves clothing. 


Of particular interest are students interested in learning more about augmented reality software applications, those already familiar with its use, and/or are capable of building applications for its use. 


This project aspires to become a metaverse-ready physical and digital project with both physical immersive and digital augmented elements, distributed across the City of Toronto and beyond. 


The project is supported by the Bloor-Yorkville Business Improvement Area, the Waterfront Business Improvement Area, MassivArt corporate consultancy, the City of Toronto Office of Economics and Culture, CaST School, Ryerson University, the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) and the Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB).


To apply for, or enquire about, any of the tasks listed above, please write a short, single paragraph noting your interest and experience (student-related experience alone is fine) together with a link to your online, public portfolio, and send it to We will be in touch with you shortly.  


Standard rates for licensing art as per CARFAC-RAAV fee schedules, and labor rates for hourly work, will apply. 


If you read this posting and know someone whose work might be of interest, please refer them to us.

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